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Walk in with a logo design you need some help with – walk out with a fresh perspective.

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The Logo Clinic is free, but as this is a side project for me (Graham Smith), I can't promise replies will be immediately forthcoming.

At the clinic I can help with typography and font selection, technical details, colours, spacing, general aesthetics, aspects of freelancing, work practices and anything else that comes to mind.

Please bear in mind, some of the advice will be of a personal nature, so anything I suggest should be taken with a pinch of salt.

'Free for all' feedback
For designers who are just checking the site out, you may be in a position to offer your own feedback. If the logo design you see has been tagged with 'freeforall' then this means you can offer up your own comments. Please be constructive with the feedback, any rude, negative and vindictive comments will be trashed.
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